The University of Tokyo

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,

Department of Basic Science,

Kuga laboratory

Recruit of Students

We recruit undergraduate and graduate students to join our research projects who are not only domestic people but also from abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us.


The mission of higher education institute is to bring up the persons who can solve any problems whenever and wherever. Since the scientific researches are getting fragmented and deeply involved more recently, however, it is difficult to conduct simple, clear and educative research. Under these circumstances, our laboratory has carefully selected and prepared two research themes by considering not only the value as a research but also the effect for the educations.

The research areas of quantum electronics and quantum information processing are aimed at the applications for the precision measurements and the efficient communications with light. The most realistic and effective method will be adopted in the actual field. On the other hand, the experts make an effort to adopt their expert method. The graduate school of arts and sciences, the University of Tokyo does not insist what one majors. One can concentrate to solve a problem by any approaches. It is the great advantage of our graduate school.

After coming to our laboratory, try many kinds of experimental technology thoroughly. Reach for the true understanding about the theories. The Japanese proverb says, “The young should struggle with adversity.” After earnestly facing with the research theme, it approaches to the level as a research. Our stuffs advice with enthusiasm and responsibility, and cooperate with the students’ challenges generously.

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For undergraduates of the University of Tokyo

Enter the department of integrated science, college of arts and sciences. Choose Takahiro Kuga as the adviser of special research at eighth term. If you take the lecture of “Quantum Electronics” which Takahiro Kuga gives at seventh term, you can try a demonstration of quantum cryptography in our laboratory.

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To enter the graduate school

Pass the entrance examination by the department of basic science, graduate school of arts and sciences. Choose D1 group and Takahiro Kuga as the adviser.

Refer to the web site of Komaba international office (http://komaba.io.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/prospective/index.html)

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